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Kindness and Compassion at Shoreline Christian School

Kindness and Compassion at Shoreline Christian School

At Shoreline Christian School, we look for opportunities to be the hands of feet of Jesus in compassion, kindness, gratitude and graciousness. We want these actions to shine both within and beyond our SCS community.

This year, SCS elementary students took part in a heartwarming initiative. They dedicated their creativity and time to craft heartfelt letters to put inside Thanksgiving meals for The Church on the Ave’s Friday Feast. 

Here is what Pastor Ashley, Pastor Geoff, and Colin, the Director of Friday Feast had to say about their experience when handing out our cards:

“Dear Students of Shoreline Christian School,

We wanted to write to express our thanks for the cards you sent to all the guests of Friday Feast. This past Friday, each meal that was handed out in the University District (at the soup kitchen, on the street, in the tent encampment and at Rosie’s Tiny Home Village) went with a card made by you! These cards brought JOY to the people who received them.

Volunteers handing out meals watched as your cards were read and they reported on the many smiles they saw on the faces of our friends who suffer so many challenges. A card with a hand-drawn turkey made a guest of the meal say, “If I had a frame, I’d frame this!” Another guest was so moved by the reminder that he was “beloved” that he got tears in eyes. What the card said is true! He needed the reminder.

A lot of adults worry about how to help our unhoused neighbors. We at Friday Feast and Church on The Ave think that sharing what we have is a part of the solution. And this is just what you did. You took what you had– your pens and crayons and paper and creativity–and you made a soup kitchen’s Thanksgiving meal all the more meaningful.

We encourage you all to keep sharing what you have. It does make a difference. Keep up the good work!


Pastor Ashley, Pastor Geoff, Colin (Director of Friday Feast), and all the Friday Feast Volunteers”