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Transitioning to 6th Grade: Insights from SCS Student Ambassadors

Moving from 5th grade to 6th grade is more than just a few steps to the next building. Our 5th graders had lots of questions about what school looks like in the secondary building, so we invited our panel of Student Ambassadors made up of students from Middle School and High School to come visit with the 5th graders and answer their questions face to face.

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Navigating Futures: A Journey of Exploration and Discovery

Entering adulthood is a big and sometimes overwhelming step for high school students. One important part of this journey is figuring out and planning for future careers. This Wintermission session, some of our secondary students had the opportunity to take a Career Planning class.

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Second Grade – Paper Crowns

Our second grade class has been learning about the ancient kings of Israel and Judah. They observed in Scripture how God blessed the land and people when their kings and queens served Him alone and did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.

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HOS – Keep Your Eyes Open

On Wednesday night, SCS Charger fans had the joy of sitting through three basketball games in our gym- Middle School Boys, Varsity Girls, and Varsity Boys. There’s always so much to see at a basketball game- the big things and the little things. Here are some of the things I saw this Wednesday;

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HOS – January Reflections & Golden Tickets

When I first started working at Shoreline Christian years and years ago, part of my job was being the Elementary Librarian. I noticed that there were a number of books that hadn’t been checked out in quite awhile.

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Jaden Colver: Breaking Records at SCS

At Shoreline Christian School, we always look for ways to celebrate the achievements of our students. This week, SCS senior Jaden Colver has surpassed a longstanding basketball scoring record.

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Kindness and Compassion at Shoreline Christian School

At Shoreline Christian School, we look for opportunities to be the hands of feet of Jesus in compassion, kindness, gratitude and graciousness. We want these actions to shine both within and beyond our SCS community.

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