A Letter from the Head of School

By: Michael C. Smith, Ed.D.

There is great power in setting goals. Even the word “goal” has the power to inspire us.

I played soccer from age five. When I hear “goal,” I see a ball hitting the back of a net and feel the endorphin rush of success. The US Women’s World Cup Team filled me with pure joy as they pressed toward their record fourth championship this past summer. I’m inspired when I watch a team execute years of practice in every little thing they do to achieve their ultimate objective. Read more >> about A Letter from the Head of School

Welcome to SCS New Faculty and Staff!

Alice Hanh - Events Coordinator

My name is Alice Hanh, and I am so pleased to be here! While receiving my bachelor’s in journalism at UW Seattle, I was a tutor for many years teaching ELL students English. Having my own small business working in education sparked my interest for teaching and community. I have had experience in student teaching 3rd grade, being an executive assistant for a tutoring company and online retail store, to management roles, such as operations manager and camp director. My favorite job so far has been working as the Camp Director at Run To Win Outreach, a nonprofit ministry serving our youth through sports.

Wintermission is Coming

By: Adam Haulter

There is often a bit of drudgery implied by the beginning of January at a school. The excitement and regale of the holiday season has come to a sharp close and life must resume anew within our halls. Shoreline Christian is obviously not immune to this malaise. We realize that the dark and cold days of winter are upon us and there is work to do as finals approach and the exams, curriculum and projects we mentally postponed back in mid-December have returned to challenge us. Read more >> about Wintermission is Coming

We Are All Responsible

By: Joe Filbrun

Early in the process of bringing our son to Shoreline Christian, we learned that SCS is a “parent-run” school. Since we had been homeschooling our kids for 7 years at that point, we were already very committed to the concept, and, like most parents I know, took seriously our responsibility as parents to be the primary educators of our children. What we were missing, though, was a clear sense of how we might continue to fulfill that responsibility with our children at SCS.

Welcome to the New 2018 School Year

By: Michael C. Smith, Ed.D.

“And he who was seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new.’” These words from Revelation 21:5 are our verse for the year. As I told various members of our community about our selection, the typical response was, “I don’t think we ever had a verse from Revelation before.”

Well, there you go – already something “new.” Read more >> about Welcome to the New 2018 School Year