High School

Experience a private, Christian high school education that prepares students for their journey ahead

At Shoreline Christian School, we teach students to advocate for themselves as learners. They learn how to ask questions and how to approach teachers with confidence. We guide students in learning the importance of studying, participating in class, turning work in on time, and more. These are skills that they carry to college and beyond.

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A Day in the Life

Flexible Start Time

At Shoreline Christian, our day begins with a flexible start. Students may arrive anytime between 8:00 a.m. and 8:25 a.m. Those arriving earlier have time to catch up with their friends, get extra help from one of their teachers, or spend some quiet time before they start their day. 

High school student reading during class

Daily Schedule

We run an 8-period schedule which allows our students the opportunity to meet all of their required classes with the option for electives and other opportunities. We use a modified block schedule. Some classes are longer and some shorter. Longer periods allow more time for hands-on science labs, art projects, and project-based learning.

Academic Subjects


Students take one semester of Bible class each year. They learn about both the Old and New Testaments, biblical worldview, and how their learning impacts their own spiritual formation. Bible class is a safe place to discuss challenging questions.


Students engage in extensive reading and writing activities, delving into both contemporary and classical literature while honing their writing skills. They learn to create more advanced work, preparing for college-level writing. We place a strong emphasis on revision, guiding them to improve their writing with plenty of support and practice.


Our school accelerates math students based on their experience and offers a diverse range of math courses to cater to varying levels of proficiency, ensuring an inclusive and dynamic learning environment.


P.E. classes are offered to all students every year, providing essential opportunities for physical activity and overall well-being. In addition to P.E., students can elect to take strength training, empowering them to develop physical fitness and healthy habits throughout their high school years. 


We celebrate creation and stewardship by exploring our environment, plants, animals, bacteria, the universe, planets, chemistry, and physics. Experiments, labs, and projects are an integral part of introducing, illustrating, exploring, and reinforcing concepts. 


In our high school, we offer a diverse range of social studies courses, including World Geography and Cultures, U.S. History, Modern World History, Civics, and Contemporary World Issues, all grounded in a Christian worldview. These classes provide students with not only a comprehensive understanding of the past, present, and global dynamics but also the opportunity to view these subjects through the lens of Christian values and principles. This fosters a holistic perspective as they become informed, engaged citizens in our complex world.


High school students often choose to enroll in a study hall, granting them valuable in-school time to focus on homework, collaborate on group studies, and work on projects collectively. For those engaged in varsity sports or juggling part-time jobs, study hall becomes a vital resource, enabling them to effectively manage their after-school responsibilities and minimize the homework burden.


Our high school provides a diverse range of elective courses, including 3D Print and Design, Journalism, Computer Science, Statistics, Philosophy, and Yearbook. These options allow students to explore their interests and broaden their academic horizons.

Fine Arts

Fostering Both Artist Expression & Intellectual Growth


The high school choir class provides vocalists with opportunities to enhance their proficiency in vocal technique, develop their skills in singing, practice sight reading, and explore a diverse range of choral styles.

Student singing solo into microphone during a choir concert inside a Chapel


The high school orchestra program offers instrumental musicians a dedicated space to refine their skills in sight reading, scales, articulation, dynamics, basic transposition, and instrumental techniques. It is open to both experienced and novice high school instrumentalists, creating a nurturing environment for musical development.

Visual Arts

High school students with a passion for art can engage in art classes every year, allowing them to delve into a variety of artistic mediums, including clay, watercolors, pastels, print-making, sculpture, and more. The courses span from Art I to the Advanced Art Studio, offering a progressive and enriching artistic journey.


“SCS has been such a great experience for our family. Our kids benefitted from having teachers who knew them and cared about them. In addition to receiving a quality Christian education, they built lasting friendships and had the opportunity to explore their gifts and passions, ranging from drama and choir to sports. There have been so many fun memories from retreats and other school events. Beyond all that, the SCS community (parents, teachers, staff, etc.) has been such a support and source of friendship for us.”


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Leadership Opportunities and Enrichment

High School Opportunities

We provide our students with a unique blend of academic rigor and the joy of discovery in the classroom. We emphasize hands-on learning and enriching field trips, fostering strong student relationships. Here, every student has the chance to explore and nurture their talents, offering them opportunities they may not find elsewhere.


Our chapel services offer a space for spiritual contemplation, revival, and motivation. They serve as a special time for us to reawaken our gratitude for the grace and redeeming love of Jesus Christ, our Savior. These weekly chapel gatherings are led by students, faculty, or guest speakers, with the Chapel Committee, a team comprising both students and faculty, organizing and overseeing each service.


We provide students with the opportunity and encouragement to take the lead in our chapel worship services. This encompasses various roles such as playing instruments in the band, singing, and spearheading interactive activities, fostering their active involvement and leadership in spiritual gatherings.


Our Student Council members take charge of organizing events and initiatives for their fellow students. They manage the student store, coordinate dances, arrange enjoyable school activities, and serve as advocates for the student body, ensuring that their voices are heard and represented in school matters.


Our Wintermission program is a special three-week program specifically designed to enable high school students to explore a wide range of topics such as film, drama, dance, speech, scriptwriting, journalism, research, computer skills, Spanish, electronics, cooking, careers, fitness, logic and many more. Topics vary each year and are designed to give students a brief but in-depth picture of some topic not otherwise covered by our curriculum. 


Every Friday afternoon, our Secondary students have Charger Hour. This is an opportunity for students to choose a variety of elective classes. Some examples of Charger Hour include: French, chess, pottery, service & kindness, music appreciation, drama, creative writing, handball and more.


We are enthusiastic about providing our students with off-campus learning experiences that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting. These opportunities include our annual retreat, field trips with a focus on academic content, service opportunities, and occasional outings designed purely for fun and community building, enriching their educational journey.

Preparing for College

Discover the inspiring vision that our Secondary Director, Kori Tjoelker, holds for our students as they near their graduation.

Mrs. Roxana Soto


40 Years of teaching experience

What’s your favorite time of the school year?

“I think May. It is almost the end of the school year. The yearbook is ready. My Spanish classes get to prepare food and dances. Their dances are presented in the gym, where the whole school is invited to dance with us. I love seeing people enjoy an important part of my culture!”

Roxana Soto, High School Spanish and Yearbook

High School FAQ’s

What is the student to teacher ratio?

Our goal is to maintain classroom sizes of up to 25 students, enabling our teachers to establish and nurture personal connections with their students. This smaller class size ensures that teachers can provide one-on-one assistance to address questions and offer additional support when needed.

What support do you have in place for my student?

Support for our students varies, tailored to their individual strengths and needs. Our Student Support Team collaboratively identifies and guides our diverse student population, ensuring differentiated learning. They conduct regular check-ins, collaborate closely with teachers, and engage with parents to develop long-term solutions that cater to each child’s educational journey.

Can we come visit the campus?

We welcome our families to embark on a personalized campus tour, witnessing our Chargers in action! Typically, the director of the school you’re interested in will serve as your tour guide. They will offer historical insights, describe our faith-based approach to learning, address your questions, understand your family’s individual requirements, and provide additional information to enhance your visit.

Shoreline Christian School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, athletic and other school administered programs. Shoreline Christian School reserves the right to select students on the basis of academic performance, religious commitment and personal qualifications including a willingness to cooperate with Shoreline Christian School’s administration and to abide by its policies.