Newspaper Meal

My family enjoys what we call The Newspaper Meal.   It is comprised of Dungeness crab, Penn Cove mussels, and a fillet of wild caught Northwest salmon that has been on my smoker or grill.  The table is covered with newspaper and a large pot sits in the middle to collect shells.  It is a rather lengthy meal as we enjoy all the flavors that God has blessed us with in the Puget Sound.  When the meal is done, water is added to the pot to make fish stock and the newspaper is rolled up to clean the table.  While I have had the same food in a variety of situations and places, it never tastes the same.  It is missing the spices that family, friends, memories, and the time we spend together add to a meal. Read more >> about Newspaper Meal

What If? Dreaming Big

Posted by Erika Bakker, 2nd Grade Teacher

As I help students develop their writing skills, I often have them play with the question, “What if?”.  The children usually ask the question on their own.  It comes naturally.  I help them linger there for a while.  “What if?” is the gateway to all sorts of fun.  We go on long and silly tangents, making long lists of wild possibilities. 

Several months ago, the second graders enjoyed hearing the story called “The Littles” by John Peterson.  In the story, a family of very small people live in the walls of a house.  The Little family watches the Bigg family, borrowing small things, feasting on leftover crumbs and often helping to solve Bigg problems – all without being seen. 

Re-Thinking Middle School

Join us for an informational meeting regarding middle school on Tuesday April 4, at 7PM in the High School South Wing. We will present our vision for the middle school concept, the benefits to our students and school, our plan for how it would work logistically, and answer your questions. Hope to see you there!



No School- Teachers' Convention

No school (PS-12th grade) Thursday and Friday, October 5 and 6. Teachers will be attending the annual NWCSI Teachers' Convention in order to collaborate with other area teachers to develop and learn new teaching methods and ideas.

Childcare will be open for families who pre-register. More information will be available in the Charger News leading up to the break. Read more >> about No School- Teachers' Convention

Parent Discussion Hour

Wednesday, March 22 at 7:00PM in the High School South Wing. Tuvette McCroskey (fellow SCS parent, educator and certified life coach) is presenting on: Executive Function Skills in Children: What You Need to Know and Why It Matters. Executive function is like the CEO of our lives! It is the foundation of how we relate to the world. This topic is for anyone invested in the lives of students ages 5-25.  Read more >> about Parent Discussion Hour