Service Day Reflection

Post by: Char DeKoekkoek

On Service Day morning, the junior highers were asked, "Why do we serve?" Replies included: "To make God proud of us," "to share God's love," "to influence a healthier earth," "because it makes me feel awesome," "it helps community," and "to get the feeling we did good in a world that isn't always so good."

Those junior high students bagged over 1500 pounds of frozen yellow beans at Food Life Line later that morning. And they had a great time doing it. There was laughter, and singing and even dancing while bagging all those beans.

So who got served? We were served by the Food Lifeline coordinator who explained where all this food will go. Junior highers were serving each other as they worked side by side scooping and weighing and bagging those yellow beans. Teachers were served by the Lord in getting to see these students in a different environment than our classrooms, working so happily together. It truly was a blessing all around. We thought we went out to serve others that morning, and we did, but we were shown service and grace too. All for the glory of God.