A Teacher's Invitation to Conference

Post by: Mr. Joel Bratt

When I was in high school parent-teacher conferences were an exercise in avoidance. My parent didn’t really want to go, the teachers didn’t really want to be there (Years later I would teach at my alma mater with the very people who were at one time my teachers. I learned then that many of them believed the fewer the teacher conferences (especially the contentious ones) the better), and I was okay with not letting those two groups get together. In fact, the only time my parents went to parent-teacher conferences was when I scored below an A- in any one class. B+ in Chemistry? Off to see Mr. Reikna.

I like to think we’ve made some progress when it comes to parent/student/teacher conferences in the last thirty years -- that we’ve made it beyond the “everything is ok unless there is a bad grade” routine. Maybe we have. Maybe we haven’t. Either way, there is always the next step in refining our attitudes and practices, and that is what we’d like to start (or continue) with you this fall.

So we, the administration, faculty, and staff of Shoreline Christian School want to invite you to an Evening of Reflection and Celebration. Our teachers have been working overtime gathering together different bits and pieces of your child’s learning experience at SCS, and we would like to piece all of them together with your help. We would like is to have 100% participation, and the way it would work is something like this:

You sign up for 1 conference for each of your students with his or her elementary teacher(s) and/or jr. high/sr. high adviser(s) (lists can be found here). You then plan to be at that conference with your student where your child’s teacher/adviser will take you through the information we’ve been gathering that will inform our discussion about your child and his or her learning.

All of this absolutely fits into the way we as a faculty and staff see your student(s), as uniquely Creator designed and made individuals who have so much to contribute to our community and beyond.

Please join us as we journey along. Sign up for your conferences here.