SCS Graduation

Monday night I attended my first SCS graduation. What a great night! Here are my top three “likes” of the evening:

  1. Personality – Our kids have personality! Their unique personality came through the slideshow - showing each of the seniors growing up, in Alex Werkhoven’s speech as he described the Class of 2014 as “honest,” in Ashlyn Vander Wel’s reflection on how the class often “agreed to disagree,” in Chang Oh and Chan Lee playing “Fly Me to the Moon” and in their selection of John Aydelott as their Commencement speaker. It was fun for me to see…I feel like I got to know the class a little bit more.
  1. Community – As I looked around I recognized families –moms, dads, siblings, grandparents, and I also saw friends – friends who didn’t have a student graduating this year, friends whose children graduated years prior, and friends who just love the school and wanted to celebrate. Amazing!
  1. Generosity – How great was it when the Class of 2014 present the school with a gift! I love how we are encouraging a spirit of generosity!