Spotlight on Speech

Congratulations to the following students who were the classroom winners for the Spotlight on Speech Celebration. Each student memorized a poem or portion of scripture and recited it in front of their class and a group of judges.

1st grade: Ariah Stapp and Leyni Malekzadeh

2nd grade: Ronan McPherson and Colton Brown

3rd grade: Tanner Beard and Brian Ott

4th grade: Abiagael McPherson and Max Loechelt-Yoshioka

5th grade: Keegan McPherson, Geneva Boersema and Noelle Alberda

6th grade: Janie Colver. *Also representing 6th grade this year: Elizabeth Guion and Lydia McCroskey

These students have been invited to participate in the Spotlight on Speech Celebration which will be held Wednesday, April 23 at Bellevue Christian's Three Point Campus in Medina. Students will be entertained by a speaker from Tap Root Theater as well as participating in a variety of speech activities. In addition these students will be presenting their memorized poems or Bible verses to our guests on Grandparents Day, April 25.

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