Playing in Preschool

Yesterday, my focus was Preschool. I started the morning volunteering in my son's classroom and ended the day with the Preschool Open House. 

The morning was well spent learning about the letter L, playing with Lincoln Logs and play dough. Dora van der Giessen, one of the preschool teachers, brought in her violin and cello and demonstrated the different sounds by playing everyone's favorite Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. My son, John, helped me with the snack. On the menu for the day: little smokies, pineapple, crackers, and cranberry juice. We went to the elementary school library and heard a story. Then we went to the gym for some indoor exercise. John and his friends ran several laps, I tried to keep up! The kids had so much fun walking the balance beam, being loud, hula-hooping, climbing the rope, laughing and playing. 

I really enjoyed the all requests to sit on my lap or hold my hand at every opportunity (John was a little jealous). I regularly hear about the day’s events from John, but it’s not quite the same as being there to experience it firsthand. What a blessing!

My day ended with the Preschool Open House. It was a great time to show off the huge open space and talk about the amazing things that happen during the day at preschool. If you missed last night’s open house:

  • Contact me for a tour – Yes, I’m a preschool mom and work at the school!  
  • Read more about our Preschool Philosophy written by Barb Reinsma, our Preschool Director. 

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