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Scrip Fundraising

SCS participates in the Scrip fundraising program. When you purchase scrip, you’re purchasing prepaid cards that are very convenient and are used just like a credit card.

How it works: Shoreline Christian is able to buy cards through the scrip program at a savings. SCS then passes 50% of that savings on to you and applies it to your next year’s tuition. Families can even order instantly redeemable Scrip online through the ScripNow program.

Example: SCS buys a $100.00 gift card to Albertsons for $95.00. You buy the $100.00 card and receive $100.00 in grocery money. SCS keeps $2.50 & applies $2.50 to your next year’s tuition.

Please see the SCRIP order form for a list of participating merchants. You may also check for a nationwide list of merchants. Contact the office for more details on how the SCRIP and tuition reimbursement programs work.

Scrip Contact Info

Visit to sign up. Our school enrollment code is E6D41EFL4631.

Questions about scrip? Contact Tammy (Scrip coordinator) or the SCS accounting department at