Pre-Kindergarten at Shoreline Christian School

Our play-based Pre-K class meets Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 2:55 p.m. Pre-Kindergarten is intended for the "older" 4 year old and can be especially helpful for children very close to kindergarten threshold who need time to grow not only physically, but socially and emotionally. As a Christian school, spiritual growth is our top priority, creating lessons to help children grow in faith and knowledge. 

What are the differences between Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten?

Preschool is prep for schooling-specializing in social, emotional, and physical skills. Pre-K scaffolds learning from preschool and works its way to Kindergarten.

Preschool is getting children ready for the idea of school, separating from adults. Learning to acknowledge the existence of others in their world. Following simple directions, understanding where letters and numbers fit into our world. Becoming independent (i.e. putting coats on, walking in a line, going to the bathroom on their own). Language skills are built through authentic conversations with peers and adults. All of this is accomplished organically through play. With the guidance of teachers trained in this area, children create their own learning at their own pace.

Pre-Kindergarten is all of this plus the cognitive skills needed to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond. More emphasis is placed on the growing interest in reading and writing, math and science skills, and learning about the world around them. Children are encouraged to create their own situations for learning through play, but teachers are also heavily involved in the encouragement and set up of play situations. In Pre-K a teacher will expand on interests of the children in their class, and incorporate the cognitive skills needed for continued success in the coming grades.

Our program has specially trained teachers who are accustomed to integrating learning into every day play while assuring that children are encouraged in their cognitive activities.