Varsity Volleyball at Neah Bay

Congratulations to our Varsity Volleyball team on advancing to the 1B Tri-Districts Tournament!
Here are the details.
We are traveling to:
Quilcene Gym
Crossroads Community School, 294715 US-101, Quilcene, WA 98376
We are playing Neah Bay at 4:00PM at Quilcene. If we lose then we are out. If we win then we will play Quilcene at 6:00PM right after the first game. Then we will play on Wednesday, Nov.1 in MVC. Either 12:00PM or 1:45PM depending if we win or lose the second game in Quilcene.
Monday, Oct.30th - Dismiss 12:00 / Depart SCS 12:15 / Ferry 1:40 / Return Ferry 7:00 or 9:40 (depending on 1 or 2 games) / Back to SCS 8:00 or 10:40
Wednesday, Nov.1st - Dismiss 9:45 or 11:30 / Depart 10:00 or 11:45 / Back to SCS by 8:00 depending on we do in tournament. See Bracket for further info.
Mount Vernon Christian Gym


Monday, October 30, 2017 - 4:00pm
High School