New Gym Floor!

For four weeks in April Mr. B held his PE classes outdoors. No, it’s not part of a new outdoor curriculum. Actually, it was because we were given an opportunity to completely refurbish the gym floor. Since the gym was built back in the late ‘70s, the gym has been closed for a week once or twice a year for a gentle refinish. This year, thanks to a generous donation, we were able to accomplish a complete overhaul.

The first stage of this process was a sanding down of all the layers built up over the years. Paul Hopkins, building and grounds manager, states that they estimate there were about 60 refinishes-worth (keeping in mind that each time the floor was refinished, 2 coats were used) to sand through. In some ways, watching this process was like sifting through a time capsule. You may have noticed this photo several weeks ago on our facebook page. One alum believes it was the original Crusader logo from 1977, when the gym was built.

Not only were all of the layers of sealant sanded off, but the floor was completely stripped down to the wood. The lines for the various basketball and volleyball courts were repainted in school colors, the new logo was added, and some fresh coats of sealant were applied. 

Check out the photos of the progress below!


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