When My Son Became a Joy

By Tuvette McCroskey, SCS Parent & Board Member

One morning during my quiet time, I was struck with a thought: “Ten years ago I never would have dreamed that my kids would be attending a Christian private school!” I am an educator myself, having taught K-12 special education and was a middle school counselor for three years. I’m all about having a great education, so twelve years ago we chose a well-regarded public elementary school for my son Isaac, to begin kindergarten at. During this time I was a stay-at-home mom, with my new baby daughter, Lydia, keeping me more than busy. After three years of various preschool experience, I thought school for Isaac should be easy, and we would be well on our way.

In first grade problems began to show up. At six years of age, Isaac was already behind. Isaac knew letters and their sounds and several simple words, but he was not “reading.” During second grade, Isaac began to be held in for recess and unfinished school work followed him home. Writing paragraphs, stories, fiction and non-fiction was emphasized. This is when I, myself, began to throw pencils (not something I’m proud of). Isaac began to resist going to school, and I saw him begin to pull into himself, calling himself stupid. My heart was breaking; I was overwhelmed. I began to blame some of his problems on myself; if only I could be more patient – a better mom.

By third grade, I had a young boy who didn’t want to keep trying. He enjoyed his friends and playing sports, but other than that, “school sucked.” Something needed to change fast! His school primarily measured him by his academic progress, but as a Christian mom, I knew that Isaac had gifts and abilities because God made him and formed him, and what God makes is “wonderful” (Ps. 139)!

How we learned about Shoreline Christian is a story in itself, a “God-Thing.”  Maybe for my next blog…

From Isaac’s first day in fourth grade here at Shoreline Christian School, we began to receive a new message: My son “is a joy!” When I read these words on his report card, I cried! These were words he never heard from a teacher before, and became both a healing balm AND nourishment for him and I.

Shoreline Christian School endeavors to synthesize God’s Word of truth through their entire curriculum and into the school environment. Our children are joys. Why? Because it’s in God’s Word – He loves us! Every person is unique with special gifts and abilities. And, God has a plan for “good” for each person’s life. He calls us to look to him; learn who God is and build a personal relationship with himself. Is there anything better than God’s Word to build one’s life on?

Since we came to Shoreline Christian eight years ago (Isaac is now a senior and Lydia’s in 6th grade), our children have thrived. I give God thanks and praise, for his works – this school – is good!