What’s One More?

Post by: Char DeKoekkoek, Director of Elementary Education and SCS Parent

My husband and I have seven fantastic children.

Years ago we were asked if we would like to host an international student for a month during the summer. “Sure,” I said, “what’s one more?” "One more" started out as a college student from France, named Boris, who lived with us for a month while he did an internship at a nearby business. Another "one more" was Mario from China, and Sachie from Japan, and Eric from Korea, and Lilli from Ecuador. Some were high school students who stayed a few weeks to tour Seattle during the summer, others were college students who were working on getting their associate’s degree and stayed all year.

Over the past 20 years we have hosted more than 125 students. By hosting these students we have been bringing the world to our home. Our children have lived with students from Japan, Denmark, Korea, Ecuador, France, Spain, Russia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco. Currently we have two students: Kouhei, from Japan, is attending Shoreline Community College. He is studying hospitality and tourism and hopes to work in the airline industry when he graduates. Chris, from Korea, is finishing up his sophomore year at Shoreline Christian School and we hope he stays with us until he graduates in two years.

Our students become part of our family. So now, instead of seven fantastic children perhaps I should say 125 fabulous children and still counting, because “what’s one more?”

Shoreline Christian is looking for host families for international students for the 2018-19 school year and beyond. If you would like to be a host family, contact Michelle Jimenez (mjimenez@shorelinechristian.org) or Tassie DeMoney (tdemoney@shorelinechristian.org). For more information on what it's like to be a host family, contact Char DeKoekkoek (cdekoekkoek@shorelinechristian.org).