Welcome to Our Third Place

In 1989, sociologist Ray Oldenburg published The Great Good Place (Marlowe & Company). In this book, Oldenburg argues that we have lost our “Third Place.” We have an idea about the place we call home, and we understand the place called work. The third place is where we find community, develop connections, seek support, and allow us to be who we are. This is the place that is slowly disappearing from our culture.

As we developed our new website, we wanted to create an opportunity for a digital third place. To accomplish this:

  • Community shows the depth and breadth of our community. We will offer links to the churches we represent and the names of families you can talk with about our school. Our connections and influence extends from local, state, and national levels. We invite you to stay to be a part of this. 
  • The Calendar is more prominently displayed on the front page with information about current happening at our school.
  • Testimonials have become an vital part of telling our stories and inviting connections.
  • The Billboard offers an overview of school events and conversations. A blog has been started to initiate discussions and encourages you to offer your insights.
  • Academics, Admissions, and Support Us are all pages that will quickly link you to the information you need including electronic forms.

Oldenburg notes that a third place is not just what you receive, but also what you feel you can contribute to the good of the greater group. The site is designed to be dynamic and the content will be changing on a regular basis. We also have the capacity to monitor how the site is being used and to make adjustments so that access to the pages meets the needs of the users. None of this will do us any good unless our community takes responsibility for providing us with information that we can use on our site. Please send your stories, contributions to our blog, and more to Tassie DeMoney at tdemoney@shorelinechristian.org. The success of this site is going to depend on you!

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