Unwrapping Talents: Andrea Z

~Post by: Andrea Zenger, class of 2015

For a week in September I went to Southern Oregon for the an International Mounted Archery Competition hosted by Rogue Mounted Archers [RMA]. People came from Japan, Korea, Brazil, and the US. At first I was nervous because I didn't know anybody there, but after a couple days everyone felt like family. Almost all the archers stayed at the RMA's in giant tents. I had a thrilling time shooting and watching others shoot, and no matter what, we cheered for people, there was no putting others down. I loved the horse I rode, even though I fell off. I shot really well: I came in 18th overall; which is in the top half of competitors, especially being the second youngest. My favorite memory will be the people I met and the archery family they became to me.

Our local club, Broken Arrow Mounted Archers, is doing demonstrations on October 5th at Equine Life Solutions in Bothell. They're a Horse Rescue & this is their fall fundraiser. Admission is $10-$15. More information: http://www.equinelifesolutions.com/what-we-offer/els-fall-festival-fundraiser-october-5-2014/

Photo credit: Bill Edgar Photography All rights reserved