Together: Track & Field Heads to State

~Post by: Donna Eisses, SCS parent

What a great time last weekend at the State Track Championships in Cheney. The weather was beautiful. Our kids were prepared and they performed well. As the parent of a freshman I did not know what to expect of the weekend. What I saw was great success.

Track at Shoreline Christian is truly a team sport. Every individual on the team has to run, jump or throw in their own event but not one of them ever does so alone. I have been able to attend many of the track meets this season and you will rarely find our athletes in the stands observing. When the coach calls “let’s go” he isn’t talking to the next athlete up for his or her race. He is talking to the whole team, The runners, the non runners, the assistant coaches, friends and family are all participants in each race. They can be found lining the fences waiting to cheer on their friends to excellence. This was no exception for us at the State Meet.

We did earn some medals. Natalie and Seth, we are so proud.

Thank you Coach Visser for choosing to coach the team this way. Thank you for encouraging our sons and daughters not to seek individual glory but to support each other in their pursuit of excellence.

Neither do we run alone as believers in this life. We must support one another as we strive to know God and do his will. Hebrews 10:24 says "And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.”

Here are the full results.

The girls' 4x200 team was able to compete in prelims as well with Andrea, Abby, Bekah Meredith, and Natalie. Kestrel Gehr and Kelly Lee were alternates. Noelle McPherson, Elise Aydelott, and Alex Sutherland also represented the team at state with their support. James Weber will be supporting the team by hosting the after season party.

Thank you also to Sarah Daigneault and Nathan Weiford for their contributions as assistant coaches. And thanks to alumni Kari Holly, Jessica Hoogerhyde, and Stephanie Rasor for helping out as well.

Well done, everyone.

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