Student of the Quarter: Kelly Lee

Kelly Lee has been chosen as the Student of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2016-2017 by the faculty of Shoreline Christian School.  Kelly is characterized by the faculty as someone who “is reserved but cuts a big swath.  Kelly is a tireless learner who does her best to make a positive impact on the school by stepping out of her comfort zone and rallying other students around learning in math and science.” 

Her advice to underclassmen is to “be positive.  High school will stress you out and positivity is essential to survive.  Use your planner.  It helps you stay organized and anyway, you paid for it so why not use it.” 

Kelly, who has attended SCS since the 8th grade, has been involved in Shiloh for four years, NHS for three and has tried her hand at basketball, volleyball, and track.  She was instrumental in starting a math club last year. 

Kelly’s favorite Bible verse is Luke 17:4 regarding forgiving someone seventy times seven.  She struggled to understand the verse “since forgiving someone seemed unfair but now realize that it is God’s solicitude for me to be free from hatred.” 

Kelly’s heroes are her parents because “they supported me as a 13 year old girl when I wanted to study abroad.  Being an international student involves many commitments.  They could have not taken me seriously, but they did.  I am thankful for the trust I received.” 

Kelly hopes to graduate from a university in four years with a degree in engineering.  She wants to get inspired by her college experiences and always widen her perspectives.  
Her favorite high school memory was the 2016 Christmas concert.  Even though she was only involved in Shiloh, every group sounded great.  She now enjoys watching the video of the concert. 

Kelly is the daughter of  Kyunghee Choi and Sukwon Lee from Busan, South Korea and is living with Rocklyn and Maria Meredith of Brier. 

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