Student of the Quarter: Abby D

Abby DeKoekkoek has been chosen as the Student of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2015-2016 by the faculty of Shoreline Christian School. Abby is characterized by the faculty as someone who “is inquisitive and seems to have interest and passion in all subjects. She is a quick study, able to put complex ideas together in relatively little time. She does not get stressed easily, keeps a positive attitude, communicates well, and is willing to make a mistake.”

Her advice to underclassmen is to “figure out what colleges you may be interested in and look at what scholarships they offer and make GPA/SAT score goals based on that. Do this early! Really try to get to know the teachers and let them know you. They really want you to succeed and try not to stress too much.”

Abby’s favorite Bible passage is Matthew 11: 28-30. It reminds her to cast her worries on God; that she doesn’t have to do everything by herself.

Abby has been involved in NHS for three years and Kid Reach this year. She has been in volleyball for four years and basketball for three. She was co-captain in both basketball and volleyball for a year.

Some of Abby’s favorite activities were playing basketball and volleyball. She feels that she really grew in leadership skills. The Advanced Biology trips were amazing and definitely one of her favorite activities. Also, she just liked getting to know teachers and students throughout the day.

Abby’s heroes are her mom and sisters. “They are so amazing and are always there for me. It is great to have them to go to for advice.”

Abby hopes to get her masters in biology and would like to do some research and eventually end up teaching. Abby is the daughter of Char and John DeKoekkoek of Edmonds.

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