State of the Union: A Message from your SCS Society Board President

Blog Post By: Tom Rietkerk, Board President of the SCS Society 

On January 8, 1780, George Washington delivered the first regular annual address to a joint Congress in New York City.  This address became known as the “State of the Union”.  Not all Presidents since have participated and some preferred to deliver a written message to Congress.  Even the day of the address can vary from early January to late February.  With this history lesson now out of the way, I would like to provide you my annual written address as your SCS Society Board President unless you would prefer to convene in person!

We began the school year by engaging in a weekend strategic planning session with the school board and key school leadership.  Day one we came up with our board mission statement:

“To provide strategic direction, resources, and support to ensure the SCS’ mission:

a)      Continues to thrive

b)      Is carried out”

On the second day, we brainstormed and discussed what we considered some of the most significant issues for SCS and its future.  Through some great exercises led by our moderator, Keith Lambert, we highlighted enrollment as our greatest opportunity and challenge for the coming year.  Enrollment is not a function of one individual but is an opportunity for all of us to share the great blessings God has given and continues to provide for our SCS’ families.  Several board members shared their story of a neighbor or a church member who shared with them their SCS story and what the school meant for them.  Our compelling testimonies will interest families in enrolling at Shoreline Christian School.  As a board, we know we have to step into this role to provide the necessary leadership to grow where God guides us; however, all of us can share our stories to the world around us.

Where will we go from here?  Check out our new website to read the stories alumni, staff, parents and students share about Shoreline Christian.  Please consider adding your voice as well.  Partner with us to identify prospective families especially those with children entering high school.  Commit to working with us for a major campus facelift later on in the school year.  Please continue your prayers of support for the SCS community as we strive to follow God’s will for us.

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