Shoreline Christian Society Gathers for Spring Meeting

Parents and Society members gathered for a meeting on Monday, May 18. The following is a summary of that meeting.

In the spirit of our theme, Strong and Courageous, we held the meeting outside in the amphitheater. It was a beautiful night with about 65 people in attendance. A few highlights follow:

  • The Board presented a vetted slate of candidates for the Society’s approval. Tom Rietkerk and Jeff Weaver will be serving a second three-year term. Nathan Burke will be added to the Board to fill John Colver’s vacant position. John was an invaluable resource to the Board as we developed marketing programs for our school. Nathan’s work as the Director of Marketing for Analytics Pros allows the Board to continue to strengthen our marketing strategies.
  • Judy Guion, Board Treasurer, presented the budget for the 2015-16 school year. The Board is very pleased by the progress being made toward our enrollment goals. We also celebrate a very generous estate donation that has erased the loans to our bank. The funds collected for Capital Improvements will be used to continue to upgrade facilities and programs. The Society approved the budget.
  • As part of the budget approval, we are reducing the size of our staff. This is a move to restructure our school to serve 225 students while maintaining programs and opportunities for our students. The high school staff will be reduced by a .5 Full Time Equivalency (FTE). The courses taught will be absorbed by current staff members. The PE position will be reduced to a 0.8 FTE. The counseling program developed to serve 300 students with two staff members will also be reduced from a .9 FTE to a .5 FTE and staffed by one person. Because this is classified as a new position and in keeping with Board policy, both Daniele Ott and Stan DeYager were asked to apply for the position. Daniele has decided to pursue other opportunities and will not be returning next year.
  • Years of Service Awards were given to the following staff members: Heidi Alberda: 5 years; Erika Bakker: 5 years; Heide Brown: 5 years; Char DeKoekkoek: 10 years; Jennifer Jones: 10 years; Diane Van Ornum: 15 years; Sue Visser: 15 years; Daniele Ott: 15 years; Joan Oordt: 20 years; Bev Koops: 25 years; Fred Van Hal: 35 years.
  • Tassie DeMoney, Director of Development and Marketing, recapped the school's fundraising efforts this year, updated the attendees on new student recruitment efforts, and talked about the importance of the website.

The meeting closed with a few encouraging words from school administrator, Tim Visser.