Service Day: Campbell Hill Elementary Art Workshops

Post by: Diane Van Ornum, SCS Art Teacher

I met Tanita Horton at church several months ago. She had prayed for the Lord to send people to enrich the lives of "her kids”, as she is the office administrator at Campbell Hill Elementary School in Skyway. I approached her and told her that perhaps I could bring 8 students in my advisor group to do some art workshops with several of her classes, much like we had done for Service Days several years ago at Lockwood Elementary in Kenmore, which also had no art program.

When she received approval from her staff, she sent us a schedule. Her schedule had us providing workshops for twelve classes from 2nd to 5th grades in four sessions from 9:20-11:35 and serving 288 kids. On receiving her email, I gasped at her incredible request. But I remembered that Jesus had fed 5000 and He could do it again with art, for 288 elementary students.

I invited Kaelyn Bullock with her advisor group, Emily Huston and three JH students and borrowed four art students from Fred Van Hal’s advisor group. All 29 of us were moving! But God was moving even more in the doors that opened (and roads that cleared - as we got there 45 minutes early), support by staff, and enthusiasm from the elementary "scholars" at Campbell Hill Elementary School.

Our students, reflecting afterwards, commented on how much the kids enjoyed the time, how sweet and responsive the Campbell Hill students were. Our students felt appreciated. But they also commented with recognition and appreciation for Shoreline Christian in all that it provides for our learning because we have a program that includes art which many schools no longer have.

God blessed SCS students and staff in the process of blessing and serving in what Tanita Horton has called, the HeArt Project, at Campbell Hill Elementary School for the March Service Day. Our time together was posted on the Renton School District Facebook page. May God be honored as we share our gifts where He calls us.