SCS Basketball Coach: Luckiest Coach in the World

Posted by Jeremy Barrie, SCS Varsity Girls' Basketball Coach

As I reflect on my second season as coach of the Girls' basketball team, I can’t help but feel I am the luckiest coach in the world. Why or how, with two wins in two seasons, could a coach say that? Simply put, our team's culture. Our culture is something we fight to build on a daily basis. For us it’s about growth and showing constant improvement, where mistakes are expected because we value heart and maximum effort above perfect play. We hold each other accountable both on and off the court.  

You see, our team is more than just a roster, it is a family. We conclude every practice by coming together, saying a prayer, putting our hands in, and on three usually yell “Family” or “Together”. If you attended a game early on in the season you saw us circle up and chant “We all we got, WE ALL WE NEED!”.  The success of this season didn’t  hang on wins and losses. It was, and is, about the journey and process, the growth as a basketball team, as leaders, as teammates. Holding ourselves to a standard of commitment, accountability, teamwork and community.  If asked, the girls would describe themselves as “one team with one goal, responsible, tough as nails, which never give up.”  I would add the values of compassion and dedication, as well.   

In the end, this was a successful season. We got a couple of wins in districts, and advanced to tri-districts.  We continued traditions from last year and added a senior banquet to honor our seniors and their families. We added a great junior high coach and had a good turn out. The Varsity team was able to attend a few games and show the young Chargers their support. Our young players really stepped up after we lost Sydney, one of our senior leaders, mid-way through the season. I am excited about our future with the addition of the LAB (Learning About Basketball).  The LAB is for elementary through middle school students who want to learn basketball fundamentals. We will have spring ball again this year, and go to team camp.   

We also continue to receive great support from our parents. I can’t say enough about their help, from food at away games and driving to team camp, even to just asking if I am ok when the girls struggle.      

Our future is bright and strong, and it’s my hope to see the gym packed with students, faculty and staff every home game next year!   Thank you Shoreline Christian for all your support, encouragement, and for making me the luckiest coach in the world!