School Safety Information

Thank you for your patience and trust during our recent lockout (Wednesday, Jan 7). This is something our school drills and reviews at least three times per year. I am very pleased by the response of the staff and the students when we received notification from the city to put the school in lockout.

Our school is part of an Emergency Preparedness Committee that meets five times per year to review school safety and practice coordinated responses to events/threats. The committee includes members of the City of Shoreline Emergency Planning Office, Shoreline Police, Lake Forest Police, Shoreline Fire, Shoreline School District, Shoreline Christian, Evergreen School, and St. Lukes School. There are 31 people currently on the committee's email list. I have come to understand that this committee's coordination of city, state funded schools, and private schools is unique within our state. Members of this committee have traveled to national seminars on school safety, and the information they report is proving invaluable as we craft our own safety plans. I am very thankful that we get to be a part of this committee.

We will meet at the end of the month to review what happened last Wednesday and the responses to that event. Most of our work to this point has been with events at individual schools or with earthquakes. The protocols we established were stretched when they had to be applied to an entire district at a time when students were at schools, being transported to schools, or preparing to leave for school. It was the perfect storm. The city responded by calling in over 50 police units from Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, King County, Snohomish County, Seattle, and State Patrol. We had undercover officers at our school checking on our students throughout the day on Wednesday and uniformed officers at the school on Thursday. While we were all safe, we know we can do better and will change some of our protocols, especially communication with the media and our parents.

Continue to pray for the safety of all of our schools and give thanks that the Lord is working through a city and school district to care for our students. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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