Parent-Teacher Conferences: November 24 and 25

Parent teacher conferences are currently scheduled for November 24 and 25. The conferences are an important opportunity in building the partnership between the parents and the teachers. We encourage each of your to take advantage of this very important opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher(s). The process for scheduling these meetings will be available soon.

Conferences are important for the following reasons: 
• God has gifted each child with their own unique talents and abilities. We want to help them recognize their talents and how they can use them to shape their learning.
• We want the child to see themselves as a learner. This can be a bit challenging due to the fragmentation of their daily life. These conferences encourage students and parents to take a step back and understand school as cohesive by finding the patterns that help to make sense of their world.
• We want our students to be healthy learners who learn how to celebrate the joys and mitigate the stresses of their lives.
• We want the students to learn that parents and teachers are their partners in the journey we call learning. Taking time to meet with your child’s teacher demonstrates this partnership to your child.

In grades K - 6, the conferences will take on a more traditional feel of the parents scheduling a time to meet with a teacher. Beginning in junior high, we want to teach the child how to take responsibility for their own learning. By the time they graduate from Shoreline Christian, they will be better equipped for college and life beyond high school. These conferences take on a different look:
• We need to talk with the child, so students need to be at the junior and senior high conferences.
• Junior and senior high conferences are scheduled with the student’s adviser. The advisers receive data from each of your child’s teachers and work with the students to develop an overview of their learning.
• The 20 minute conference focuses on three questions about their learning:
      o Where are you strong?
      o Where do you need to be courageous? 
      o How can we work together to build your hope?
• Answers to these questions will be followed up with the adviser and students in January to see how we are doing.
• Parents and students who wish to meet with individual teachers to discuss progress within a particular class are free to add that to their conference schedule.

We understand that we are all busy people, but we would like to have 100% participation in conferences this year. At the junior and senior high level, advisers will be working with their advisees to make sure a conference is scheduled on November 24 or 25.

I invite you to contact me at school should you have any questions.
Tim Visser