November Board Report


I wanted to update you on some of the topics covered by your parent-led Shoreline Christian School Board at the meeting on November 10. 

We opened the night with prayer for the school, the teachers, the staff and the students. We gave thanks for the success of the auction--despite adversity, we had our best year yet! This was made possible by the tireless efforts of our Advancement Committee and many joyful volunteers. THANK YOU ALL!

We then got updates from each of the Committees that meet every month: Advancement, Admissions, Building & Grounds, Education and Finance. These committees are made up of parents, former parents, teachers, and staff.

The school board spent some time at our meeting discussing what type of Christian School we are, and what that means to us and in relation to other Christian schools in the area. We agreed to spend time in reflection and prayer about this throughout the next month.

There was also conversation about the need to increase the enrollment so we can continue to operate long-term. In the meantime, board members are signing up to call donors so we can get some much-needed funds and get in the black. Pray for this effort please!

Finally, we discussed at length the importance of parent involvement in the school, including how we can impassion parents to be engaged through the Society meetings. We would be thrilled to have more parents join us, and we’d love to convert ‘visitors’ into Society members!

Stay tuned for the next update after we meet in December, and let us know if you have any questions or want to learn more about any of the things I have mention above.

In Christ!
Andrea DeYoung
SCS Parent and Board Member

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