Newspaper Meal

My family enjoys what we call The Newspaper Meal.   It is comprised of Dungeness crab, Penn Cove mussels, and a fillet of wild caught Northwest salmon that has been on my smoker or grill.  The table is covered with newspaper and a large pot sits in the middle to collect shells.  It is a rather lengthy meal as we enjoy all the flavors that God has blessed us with in the Puget Sound.  When the meal is done, water is added to the pot to make fish stock and the newspaper is rolled up to clean the table.  While I have had the same food in a variety of situations and places, it never tastes the same.  It is missing the spices that family, friends, memories, and the time we spend together add to a meal.

I think that Christian Education at Shoreline Christian can best described as a meal shared with family and friends.  God invites us to his table to help our children learn what it means to feast on the love He shows us every day through the people we meet and how we interact with His creation.  Each bite teaches them more and more about our host, and we learn to show our thanks through our responses to His love.  The beauty of this is that we get to share it with a fantastic group of parents, students, teachers, staff members, and extended family within our ecosystem.  These are the people that God has gathered, and I give thanks for each and everyone of you.

This is especially true this week.  Jesus was very intentional about wrapping his ministry on earth by inviting his disciples to share a Passover meal together.  They had all consumed bread and wine many times, but this meal was special.  This meal not only included the traditional narrative of God rescuing His people from slavery in Egypt, but now demonstrates that we are also released from our bondage through Christ’s death and resurrection.  Our school is called to be more than a place that teaches math, science, music, art, reading, and more.  Shoreline Christian is brought together for a meal that calls us to remember and believe in His sacrifice for us.

Christ has Risen- He has Risen Indeed.