My Experience as a Board Member

Fellow SCS Community,

I am celebrating my sixth month as a member of the SCS School Board, and what a ride it has been. When Tuvette McCroskey first contacted me and started warming my heart to idea of serving on the School Board I was reluctant. While I was very involved in my kids' classroom, I did not see myself as someone who could play such a serious role for the school. I was worried about how it would fit into my life, with work and my family. My first questions were about commitment: how many hours a month? I prayed about it and talked to my husband and then we agreed to put my name on the ballot. In the May 2014 Society meeting I was voted in.

In August, I sat through the first meeting, learning the team and saying goodbye to the members who were rolling off from their 3-year terms. In October the board had a day-long retreat where we focused on strategic planning for the school. Slowly I stopped worrying about the time commitment and started to understand that this was exactly where I needed to be. About month 3, I felt like a leader in this role and felt the weight of what that means. With the budget shortfall, I felt the school on our shoulders. I took comfort in the recognition that we were strong in faith and smart and committed to pulling through.

This role is not a burden, it is a gift; the more you put in, the more you get out. I have met and been able to serve with such an amazing team of people who love this school and want to fight for it. After a record breaking auction, an amazing turn out for our Winter Society Meeting, a balanced and achievable budget, and amazing gifts--here we are, by the grace of God.

I ask you to consider how you can be more involved in the school, from recess duty to classroom parent to School Board member, every one of you should have the opportunity to feel the energy and sense of satisfaction you get from helping this school and the students thrive! In May, the Society will elect new School Board members, maybe it is your time?

By his grace,
Andrea DeYoung

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