More Than Voices on the Phone

Post By: Maria Meredith, SCS parent

As I consider what Shoreline Christian has meant to our family, community always comes to mind. A flashback to 2002 sets the stage for how the seeds of community were planted and how they continue to bear fruit.

My son Daniel started at SCS in second grade in the fall of 2002, along with two of his best buddies from his prior school. Barely two months into the school year, Daniel got sick. At first it seemed to be just a virus, but as he grew worse, he was admitted to the hospital for observation. His symptoms were confusing, hence examinations by several pediatric specialists through the night. By morning, he seemed better and wanted to eat pancakes. As the last specialist, a pediatric surgeon, entered the room to give us his findings, Daniel’s face turned ashen. The surgeon barely had time to say, “It’s his appendix. It must have just burst. We are taking him to surgery,” before wheeling our boy away. It seems Daniel’s appendix was located around back behind his bladder instead of its typical location on the lower right side, making it tricky to diagnose.

2nd Grade Community

Thankfully, the surgery went well and the prognosis was good. For the next week while Daniel remained in the hospital, we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of care and concern from SCS teachers, staff and parents we barely knew. One of the brightest moments during his very unpleasant hospital stay was the phone call he received from Mrs. Oostra and the second grade class (see photo on the right). Every single student talked on the phone with him to tell him they missed him, they hoped he’d be better soon, and they were praying for him. You can see on his face how much it meant to him.

Flash forward to 2013. Daniel graduated in June. Of the 26 students in his graduating class, eight of them talked on the phone with him that day in second grade. During Thanksgiving break this year, those same voices and a few more could be heard chattering and laughing in our family room. As they move forward with their lives, I expect that chatter among these friends will continue – what a blessing that will be.

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