March Board Report

Hi SCS Community,

Hope you enjoyed my last post on what it has been like to be on the SCS School Board, if not please check it out here. If the work of the board is of interest to you, then you’ll be happy to know we happen to be coming up on nominations for the Board for the Spring Society & Parents Meeting (May 18th at 7:30pm). I ask you to prayerfully consider how your talents and perspectives could be used to lead this school and encourage you to throw your hat in the ring.

In our most recent meeting, the School Board itself was actually one of the main agenda items we covered. We are looking at the Board and its practices. While keeping in accordance with the articles of incorporation, we are revisiting the size, the format of our meetings, and the way we go about recruiting new members. On our size, we considered if we need to be as large as we are today (the size was established when our enrollment was higher). We also talked about how we can make use of modern technologies like Lync, a video teleconferencing service, to conduct our meetings (a shameless plug for Microsoft, my beloved employer!). Using a service like Lync means we can meet from our homes or offices, possibly even during free points in the day, which could make it easier for some members and staff, and may drop a barrier for those considering School Board roles.

We also talked about how we can use the nomination process to draw from the community the kind of talent we need on the board. For example: we are ‘graduating’ a beloved member this year after 6 years on the board, and his expertise is marketing and advancement. Naturally, we’d love a person with these gifts to join us! We would also love someone with experience in finance and strategic planning as we build out our strategic plan, and in engineering as we look to enrich our STEM offerings. We hope you will join us in talking and praying about what is next for our Board and our school.

On lighter notes, we talked about our new mascot logo and agreed to move the effort to the staff so it can begin to appear on our apparel, uniforms, and accessories. We want to thank the task team that got us to this point! In elementary, we got an update on Grandparents Day and the Jog-a-thon, beloved events for our younger students, and the school play and sports for the older kids. The spring is so much fun at this school for all grades!

We heard from Tassie on the progress of reenrollment and new families joining us next year–this was very encouraging! We are doing great getting the word out on the school–please keep this up! We also had a good turnout for our All-School Open House and lots of interest in Tim’s talk on reinventing high school. We voted on re-roofing the elementary building and developing a walkway to the elementary building through the lower play area that is currently covered in wood chips. We also voted to use a portion of a generous, anonymous donation to pay off our longer-term debt; we are so thankful and blessed to have donors that believe in the school and invest in us!

In him and until next time,
Andrea DeYoung
SCS School Board Member, Education Committee Member

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