Lessons from an EMT

This semester in their Explorations class, junior high students have experienced a wide variety of lesson units: from “Married in Middle School” to Fabulous Fridays, to the current Career Speakers series. The purpose of this class is to expose the students to an array of topics different than typical classroom lessons, that their interests may be featured or new interests may be developed.

On Tuesday, May 19, the featured speaker was Jill Hoogerhyde, the school’s athletic director. However, she spoke not on the intricacies of scheduling games, hiring officials, and coordinating gym rentals. Instead she presented to the students on her other job: the work she performs as an EMT. As a bonus, she was able to bring an ambulance to school and show them the materials she uses to help save lives. Her words made an an impression on the students. Some were struck by the amount of necessary knowledge and studying that had to be done. Even more, they were impacted by the character of Mrs. Hoogerhyde, and EMTs like her: the satisfaction they find in saving lives and their bravery.

After the junior high class period ended; other classes, including tenth grade Life Skills, elementary classes, and preschool students, had opportunity to come see the ambulance and hear from Mrs. Hoogerhyde. Her goal for the younger children? See the inside, and take away potential for future fear. While speaking with the second graders, she was able to remind them that if they or anyone they loved ever needed to ride in an ambulance, they didn’t need to be scared, because the people who work inside them are very kind and very smart and are there to take good care of them. Mrs. Hoogerhyde’s mission seems accomplished, as first graders reported their experience with the “hospital on wheels:” they reported “it was very interesting” and “fun.”

Thank you to Mrs. Hoogerhyde, and EMTs everywhere, for your hard work and bravery in saving people’s lives. What a tremendous blessing to be able to learn from you.