Knitting Community Together

Posted by: Aimee Ray, Preschool and Childcare Director

I firmly believe people are designed to be in community, and school is such a practical and automatic place to find it. But, meaningful connectedness doesn’t just happen, even if you are surrounded by the same community day after day. Building community takes time, intentionality, and giving of yourself to serve others; and often gives back in the form of connectedness and support from people when we need it the most.

This year, the parents of Shoreline Christian Preschoolers started the school year off with a strong commitment to getting to know one another and forming community. They have been able to use our classroom share site as a platform for setting up playdates with younger siblings of preschoolers, trading childcare so parents can volunteer at school, and arranging times to meet up at local parks on the weekends.

As we see the childhood bonds and friendships forming in preschool, it is encouraging to see families connecting beyond the school day in the same basic (yet vital) ways, whether it be in the form of simply spending time together or helping a friend in need.

When I started at Shoreline Christian last year, I was amazed by the sense of community at the school. Often with such enduring and established systems there can be a feeling of exclusion toward newcomers or the need to protect the existing community, but I felt the opposite. Teachers, families, and students welcomed me in with open arms and shared with me the rich background that is Shoreline Christian School. I am thankful to be a part of this community which, despite decades of established connections, continues to develop and change with each new member, making this web of community stronger with each new thread.

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