January Board Report

Hi SCS community,
I wanted to share the key things we discussed as a School Board in January.

After opening with prayer for our school and our community, we talked about the results of the Accreditation Survey. The results were very interesting: positive overall, with some areas that will serve as focus for the School Board and Community in the coming year. The good news focused around our academics; the responders were pleased with the teachers and the quality of the classroom experience. However, the survey respondents indicated that a majority do not want to be more involved in the school, or are interested but are not able to make the time to be more involved. SCS is a parent run school, yet only a handful of parents are able or willing to prioritize serving in this way. How can we change this?

This lack of involvement may be, in my opinion, one of the main reasons for our enrollment not growing as it should given the quality of the school. I fear our parents do not know what is going on with the school so do not feel comfortable promoting the school, or may even be unaware that the school needs their help. The School Board is working hard to get people to the February “Parent Meeting” (a.k.a. “Society Meeting”) as a way to raise the awareness and ignite parents excitement to become more involved. We talked about the budget gap, ideas for how we can close the gap this coming year, and gave guidance to the Finance Committee related to building out a reasonable budget for next year. More to come on this topic in the February Parents Meeting (Monday February 16th from 7 to about 8:30.)

One of the lighter topics of conversation was the new mascot logo; we asked the mascot committee for some mockups of various options. This team is doing some awesome creative work! We had good news from Tassie, our Director of Development, on new family tours and some new students beginning this year. (We had two new preschoolers start in January, we have two high school applications for mid-year transfers, and we have three new applications for 9th grade for 2015-16) She and her team are a blessing to this school.

As part of my responsibilities as a Board Member, I have had the pleasure of talking with and getting to know on a personal level several teachers and staff. This has been such an amazing experience and has renewed my passion for SCS. We have such great teachers and they are so dedicated to excellence in education. Thank or appreciate a teacher or staff member today!

Thanks for reading,
Andrea DeYoung, (School Board and Education Committee Member)