Important Decisions at Spring Society Meeting

Submitted by: Tom Rietkerk, SCS Board President

It’s hard to believe how fast the school year has gone by and that we are getting ready for our last Society meeting of the year on May 16. The spring meeting is always very important because we approve the school budget, honor staff for years of service and elect new board members. Additionally, this year we have the opportunity to consider a developer’s offer to purchase some unused property from the school. This one-acre parcel, next to the gym, was previously purchased by the school for future expansion when the master plan was considering a student body of 400. With the current size of the school and forecasted enrollment, this land is potentially excess to the school’s needs.

We, as the Society, provide the strategic direction for the school, which is why the Society will vote to either direct the board to continue with the sale of the property, or direct the board to not pursue the sale of the land and preserve it for future use or future sale. As your Board representatives, we have engaged in prayer and thoughtful deliberation and have sought counsel with an expert realtor and real estate lawyer to examine the offer presented to us. We are recommending to the Society to approve the board to continue with the sale of the property.

I’m sure you may have questions on what to do with the funds if the sale is approved. We have also discussed this opportunity and several ideas have come forward, including modernizing the high school or creating an endowment fund. This will be discussed by next year’s board assuming the land sale is approved. More details will be shared at our May meeting so please prayerfully consider attending this important meeting. If you have any questions, please email me at

Also on the agenda on Monday evening is voting for next year's school board. Nominee bios are available on the blog here.

This post has been updated 5/4/2016.

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