Hope for Shoreline Christian

Post by: Tuvette McCroskey, SCS Parent and Board Member

My family became a part of Shoreline Christian in 2005. Isaac began fourth grade and Lydia, my three year-old munchkin, started preschool. I remember pulling away from campus after a very reluctant goodbye from Lydia and a “see ya” from Isaac, thinking, “I’m free!”– at least for a few hours. Lydia warmed up to preschool and after a few months I, too, began some new friendships. In a few short years Shoreline Christian became a place for strong community for my whole family.

Community is a passion of mine. Maybe it’s the effect of being an only child most of my life, with the majority of extended family living far away. However, it’s not the numbers that make a community, it’s the quality of the relationships. Time spent at Shoreline Christian actually energizes me! It’s because I know that I, and my children are loved. This is a gift from the Lord. It’s my hope that Shoreline Christian embraces all of our children and parents with a strong sense of loving community.

Love doesn’t depend on numbers but for Shoreline Christian School to thrive and to be able to carry out its mission, numbers matter very much. Outside of the day-to-day running of the school, parents are its decision makers. It’s my hope that at Shoreline Christian every parent and child feels valued because you are--and because quite frankly we need you!

At the Fall Society meeting, past and present parents and several staff met together in the recently updated Jr High/Sr. High library, also popularly referred to as the “South Wing”. Being a school board member, I knew this was an important meeting. As I stood outside the front doors greeting, I prayed in my heart, “Lord, please bring more parents.” I was especially eager to see new faces.

For readers who have not attended a society meeting, it is a great opportunity to meet a variety of SCS people and learn what is happening beneath the school’s surface. More importantly it gets you thinking and praying beyond a simple consumer level; it begins to give you roots.

Roots. Roots established in faith and hope; and we need a lot more of them if SCS is to have a bright and long future.

Tim Visser gave a rather impassioned address with a focus on God’s call to Joshua: “Be strong and courageous!” Joshua 1:9, puts legs on what it means to live with Hope. We heard updates from finance, building and grounds, education, advancement; we laughed, we cried, we visited and encouraged one another. My take-away from the evening: God’s plans are good! Are we willing to “be strong and courageous”? To step out and get involved in learning and supporting however we can, the needs of our school? If so, we need a minimum of twenty MORE parents to come to these meetings and pack out our “South Wing.” 

My hope for Shoreline Christian is based in community – to be loving and willing to put down some roots.

What are your hopes?