Growing Emotionally and Socially

Posted by: Andrea Grafmiller, SCS School Counselor
As a school counselor, I believe it is important for Shoreline Christian to help students grow, not only academically, but also emotionally and socially. An essential part of my role as the school counselor is to support students’ social and emotional growth in order to help them build a foundation for their futures. I facilitate social and emotional learning through our counseling program from a holistic approach, where I reach students in the classrooms, small groups, and individually.
Through classroom guidance lessons, I teach students about empathy, body language, communication, stress relief, time management and how to solve their own small problems (more on this topic in my blog post next week). Through individual and group counseling sessions, I work with students on coping skills for stress, developing healthy friendships, nurturing growth mindsets and positive self-talk, and helping students understand their feelings. My hope is to continue to help students grow in their social and emotional health through these outlets so they can be well-rounded individuals, who learn to cultivate their gifts from God and serve the Lord through their actions.