The Gift of a Grandson

~Post by: Tim Visser, Administrator

To be able to maintain my bus driver's license, my blood pressure needs to be below a certain level. This week was my annual renewal, so it was time to have my checkup. Worrying about my blood pressure numbers coupled with waits, smells, and needles in a doctor's office is enough to elevate my numbers. Superman has his Kryptonite, and I have my doctor's office.

After the obligatory wait, I was ushered into the room. The cuff was placed on my arm, and the first reading was beyond acceptable levels. After five minutes of discussion, the cuff was back on the arm. The numbers were a bit lower, but not low enough. There was only going to be one more attempt. No pressure with that statement.

I sat back and let my mind drift to the sabbath I experienced for a couple of weeks this summer. My whole family was back together again, and I got to play with our six month old grandson. For two weeks, I got to watch him learn how to sit up, to play in water, to interact with his parents, aunt, grandmother and extended family. He taught me that avocado is both a food and skin conditioner as he smeared it all over his face and belly. There were times of laughter, tears, screams, and hugs. It was a magical time.

My dreams were abruptly interrupted when the door was opened, the cuff was put back on, and the pressure on my arm began to build. The doctor looked at me with a smile on his face. My numbers were now in the acceptable range. See you in a year.

I know school is starting soon and worries are beginning to build. My prayer is that each of you experienced sabbath at least once during the summer and have found that place in your head that keeps you healthy. Sabbath is an important part of the calling God gives us in our everyday lives. It is a gift God gives us as we experience His creation and the people we love.