FlashAlert for Emergency Notification

Did you have snowfall on Sunday afternoon? When it started snowing at my house on Sunday, I was cuddled up on my couch, reading a book, enjoying a crackling fire in our fireplace. It was warm and cozy, and I figured I wouldn’t mind too much if it continued snowing throughout the day and into the evening, and maybe even grant us one bonus day of Christmas vacation.

Maybe you and your family were hoping for a snow day too (or not). Do you know how to tell if we have school? There are a few ways that might quickly come to mind:

  1. Check the news. When there’s snow in the air or on the ground, local news station will have a “school closures” tickers that run across the bottom of the screen. Look for our school name in the list of private schools. (Don’t assume that if Shoreline Schools are closed, we are too, or vice versa, though this may be likely.)
  2. Check the website. If we have a closure, we’ll update the website at our earliest opportunity. Look for the information under “What’s Happening” on the front page below the green box of links.

However, there is another way to find out whether or not we have school when there’s snow on the ground. It’s a three-fold method using the FlashAlert Newswire system.

  • As members of the FlashAlert system, we have a dedicated page devoted to emergency alerts for our school. You can find that page by clicking here. You may want to go ahead and bookmark that page on your web broswer and/or mobile device.
  • You will notice on that page that there is a box to enter your email address and subscribe to emergency alerts. By doing this and creating an account, you can get alerts sent to you by email.
  • You can also subscribe to get notifications to your cell phone. Once you create an account online, follow the instructions to download the FlashAlert app and link your account to the app.

FlashAlert can be used for other types of emergency notifications as well. Water main breaks, power outages, lockdowns, and other messages pertaining to emergency situations may also be broadcast through FlashAlert. Though we also email all of our families in these events, a notification from the FlashAlert app may get basic information to you more quickly if you do not check your email throughout the day.

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