Distribute Care Kits with Elementary Student Guides

Previously in the blog we told you of the Elementary Student Guides' latest service project. Here's some more information and an update from Mrs. Eileen Faber, 1st grade teacher and co-advisor:

The Student Guides is a group of elected representatives from the elementary grades that chooses a direction for our students regarding special projects and ways to help out at school. Last semester the fall Guides decided that we should have an Elementary Service Day and the students chose some special Christmas Spirit dress-up days. The spring Guides decided that they would like to share God's love by creating Care Kits for elementary students and their families to share with the homeless around us in our city. Lexi T and Kathryn K, our first grade representatives suggested the idea because, "the homeless people don't have a home and they could they could die if they don't have anything to eat. We did it at our church and we thought it would be a good idea if we did it at our school, too."

On Wednesday this week the Student Guides assembled these kits. Each kit will consists of a ziploc bag containing items like a water bottle, granola bar, toothbrush and tooth paste, etc. The Guides based their kits on a list suggested by the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle. Each class at school donated the items that were needed. Thanks to the generosity of many, we will be able to hand out over 100 bags on Friday. Each elementary student and teacher will receive one to share. These bags are something the Student Guides would like parents and students to GIVE AWAY to others in need. Keep the Care Kits in your car or van. Parents, when you and your child see someone asking for something on a street corner, you can help your child to share the bag. We appreciate your help in distributing the supplies to those that you see in need. Thank you!