December 8 Board Report

Post by: Andrea DeYoung, SCS Parent and Board Member

Hi SCS community, wanted to jot down a recap of the topics from the last Board Meeting on December 8, 2014. We began with a devotion from Alisha Steich and spent time in thanks and prayer for our wonderful students. Next we received updates from each of the board members for the committees on which they sit. The first to report was the Finance Committee. We spent a majority of the time on this topic. As you may be aware, the school has a significant gap in our budget due to generous financial assistance to our families and lower than expected/forecasted enrollment. See the Presidential Report for more information.

At the Society Meeting in October, Tim gave the community a challenge – REFERRALS! We need more students and more income. How many of you have tried to pass the word of our amazing school onto your friends at church and in your community? If you have not, please do!!!!!

The Auction was amazing, yet it was just a drop in the bucket. As you may have heard, the board called almost 600 alumni in December for our ‘Presidential Campaign’. We will see the results of that activity in the coming weeks and months. Please continue to pray for the school and consider joining the ‘Parents in Prayer’ Friday mornings at the CRC from 8:30-9:30 am, led by Tuvette McCroskey, a fellow board member. I also urge you to do what you can to help the school financially; every dollar counts. Some ideas that we have done as a family are gifting back the 2nd student tuition discount and/or transferring your Amazon profile to AmazonSmile, which gives a portion of the sales you buy to the school.

The board agrees that we need a new sustainable and achievable business plan. The Advancement and Finance Committee will be hard at work on this over the next few weeks and will bring options to the board in January. We expect a very critical and informative Society Meeting on February 16, so make sure you attend. Remember, this school is run by YOU!

Our next topic was the education committee, and I reported on progress we have made in selecting a long term substitute for Kaelyn Bullock and after-school clubs for High School. Tassie and Tim reported on the accreditation process we are going through, and there were no updates from Grounds or Advancement committees.