An Auction Reflection

Post by: Tuvette McCroskey, SCS Parent and Board Member

The 2014 SCS auction will forever be etched into the memories of all who attended. The elegant setting was more than perfect and bustled with lively conversation – Happiness pervaded the space. The apex of the evening was set to begin as Tassie DeMoney welcomed all and Tim Visser prayed for God’s blessing. We were reminded and set to enjoy a night of generous giving. An instant later the room dramatically darkened and the music was abruptly silenced. A power outage!

The hope for the evening was to raise a critical $100,000. The evening which began with so much promise felt now tenuous as lights and sound randomly turned on and off like the playing of musical chairs. The experienced auctioneer madly swigged water lubricating vocal cords in a most honorable effort to be heard and keep the attention of 200+ people.

I felt a bit stunned and wondered why God had allowed a wind storm to interfere with our major fund-raising event. He knows our need. Is He not for us? “Please God, help!”

Much later as I lay upon my bed and reflected over the events, the story of Gideon defeating the Midianites came to my mind. It was by God’s power, 300 men (selected from 32,000) defeated the mighty Midianites. This is an amazing story! I am not a preacher but I think this would preach: Fancy venue and electricity is not needed, for by God’s power alone, $100,000 or more can be raised!

In the course of the auction evening cell phones replaced lights, and I believe God’s power was displayed. Melissa Aydelott without a microphone or a well-designed video gave a brave address. Financial aid was the fund-a-need, and she spoke of investing in eternity, the power of a Christian education. Bidding began at $5,000 and heartily continued all the way to $50; God raised up a record number for financial aid!

The auction was not finished. With five items left in the live bid, we were suddenly forced to make haste and leave before losing back-up emergency lights - Fire Marshal’s orders.

A friend of mine describes God as being “God of the Impossible.” This is Gideon’s story; God gets all the credit. The 2014 SCS auction, named “The Joyful Journey” could aptly be renamed, “God of the Impossible.” We will wait to see its final outcome. To God be the glory!

Update: We were able to finish the auction online. With all tallies counted, thanks to your generous bidding and giving we raised over $120,000 at this year's auction!

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