Arms Around You With Hope and Love

On Saturday morning, March 22, a mudslide hit the small town of Oso, Washington. The landslide destroyed homes, covered the highway, and blocked the north fork of the Stillaguamish River, causing flood warnings east as the river backed up, and west as they feared the mud and debris might suddenly break loose. But even more devastating was the loss of family, friends, and loved ones. As the earth settled, the state leapt into action; no one more than Darrington, the small town just east of Oso on state highway 530. The people of Darrington are hurting as they're missing friends and loved ones, but their drive never quits. Now, as the rescue operations continue, they face funeral expenses and the complete rebuilding of their lives.

The people of Oso and Darrington are hurting, and our community suffers with them. We've long had a relationship with Darrington built on years of interscholastic athletic competitions, and many in our communities have built friendships. On Friday, March 28, we asked our students and families to bring donations for a bake sale in honor of the victims of the Oso landslide. They responded in generous fashion, bringing in nearly $2300 for the people of Oso and Darrington. But we also wanted them to know how we are hurting with them, even from far away, so with the help of our art teacher, the students created two posters: one for Darrington elementary, and one for Darrington High School. Each poster has the words "Arms Around You With Hope and Love," with student signatures, Bible verses, and words of encouragment.