42 Plaques

~Post by: Char DeKoekkoek, Elementary Curriculum Coordinator, alumna, and parent

Walking through the high school office recently, I noticed a 5th grader staring up at the plaques on the office wall. “What are you looking at?” I asked him. “I was wondering about this one, this picture of Paul Manor. Who is he? Why is his picture here?”

And I proceeded to tell him what I know about Paul Manor. A talented young student who was known as a leader, who had his whole life ahead of him, and then was taken from us way too soon.

And all these other plaques have stories too. This one is my father-in-law, Ted DeKoekkoek. He had a real heart for Shoreline Christian School. He sent all six of his children here, so when he died he wanted to leave a gift for the school.

And this one, Brad Franciso, you should have seen him play basketball, or any sport for that matter. He was an incredible athlete and not afraid of anything.

And this one was a real sports fan. I think he was at every single sporting event for years and years. I’m not positive, but I think he was the one who anonymously gave money so that my daughter could have decent basketball shoes.

And this one had lots of grandchildren here, and this one was a minister who had a habit of breaking out into song in the middle of his sermons and loved the school.

And this one was a truck driver, and this one was a drama star, and this one was a professional gardener who could make anything grow, and this one, and this one…

Each plaque represents a story. Someone who was touched by Shoreline Christian School and who, in turn, wanted to give back. Gifts have been given to the music program, the art department, the general fund, and the athletic department, just to name a few, in memory of these dear people. Next time you walk through the high school office take a moment to stop and look at the names on those 42 plaques. If you don’t know any of their stories, ask someone. Someone would love to tell their story. Each of us have a story, a reason for being here at Shoreline Christian, a reason why we sacrifice to have our children here, a love for this place. Listen to the stories, tell your own story. How will anyone know if we don’t tell our stories?

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