Society Membership Class

Have you ever wondered how Shoreline Christian came to be? Do you want to know what it reallymeans when we say "Shoreline Christian is a parent-run school?" Do you want to help make decisions that effect your students, our staff, and the future of SCS? Come to the Society Membership Class on Monday, October 2, at 7:00 pm. Shoreline Christian is owned and operated by the Shoreline Christian School Society, a non-profit corporation. By attending this orientation and joining the Society, you'll have a voice in voting for school board members and other big issues that come up from time to time. In preparation for the class please review the Society Handbook online or pick on up in the office. 

Have a question about this evening or the SCS Society? Contact Tim Visser or Tassie DeMoney.


Monday, October 2, 2017 - 7:00pm
Elementary Middle School High School